Top Benefits of Making a Video CV

Top Benefits of Making a Video CV

At present, videos not only serve as an effective medium to sell products online, they are also as effective in marketing jobs. In fact, most recruiters perceive it as a powerful tool to market jobs with top talent in talent acquisition process in the UK.

Not just recruiters, video CVs are gaining in popularity among job seekers too. In comparison to traditional paper CVS, the video version provides more insight to an employer regarding what a job seeker has on offer.

Most of the top recruiters are taking to this latest form of hiring candidates due to the following reasons.

  1. Get Faster Access to Top Talents: 

In today’s job market in the UK, a majority of talented candidates, who are in demand, have a tight schedule. Every company wants to attract the best talent so that it can have the best workforce. Thus, pulling in the top talents is a challenging task. Is there a solution to get in touch with a top talent but in a non-committal way? Yes, it is possible. How? It can be done by means of video a resume. It takes lesser time and effort to watch videos than going through several paper CVs.

  1. Formation of Opinion: 

The popular saying, “First impression is the last impression” holds true when it comes to hiring a candidate for a post. Sure, a paper CV of a job applicant can tell a lot about their academic qualifications and job experience but only on pen and paper. However, there is more to what an employer looks for in a candidate. For example, while interviewing a job seeker, they are more likely to take a close look at a number of things related to the former: their body language, confidence, presentation skills, communication skills and so on. A video job application eliminates the need for a face-face interview to discover these aspects. Consequently, an employer can form an opinion and gauge how useful a candidate can be.

  1. Identification of The Best International Talent: 

Identifying the top candidates from a different country is a significant challenge; it can beat even the best of the recruiters. For instance, if an HR manager seeks a candidate from a different country with good spoken skills, they cannot get to know it from a paper CV. By seeing the video resume of a candidate, not only will a recruiter be able to evaluate their spoken skills but also save precious time and prevent the loss of business.

From the above, it is evident that a video CV brings three primary benefits to the hiring process: identification of top candidates in quick time, a general assessment of their capabilities and screening the best talent available at the global level. If you have not made a video CV yet, think about making one now!