Can a Mentor Help You Achieve Your Career Goals?

Can a Mentor Help You Achieve Your Career Goals?

The role of a mentor in one’s life is comparable to an ally in a battle. If the competitive job market is your battlefield, a mentor can prove to be of great significance in helping you champion your success.

Mentoring is different from training or teaching. It is distinct from coaching as well. Mentoring is like a relationship which leads to the development of skills both in one’s professional life and personal life.

Take Andy Murray for an example. He has got excellent technical skills. You may ask, why does he need a mentor then?

The answer to it is simple. Though he is par excellence in terms of his technical skills, it is his coach who not only devises a strategy for him but also works off the field to help him achieve victory.

Do you need a Mentor?

After reading the above example, a fundamental question may pop into your head – do you need a mentor? The answer is “Yes”.

Regardless of the industry to which you belong, you are highly likely to benefit from the services of a mentor. The contribution of a mentor comes to the fore when one does not have family connections in one’s targeted job sector.

A mentor can help you acquire a number of skills related to career planning: exploring various opportunities, making effective decisions, formulating strategies and helping you execute them successfully and fine-tuning your existing skills.

For example, if you are looking for a way out to break into a competitive field like law or banking, confidence will play a key or decisive role in improving your chances of success. A mentor can work on you to assist you in gaining it.

Whether you are looking to land on your feet or establish a foothold in a specific niche without an internship, your mentor can help you achieve the feat by working with you for several week or months.

How A Mentor Influences The Recruitment Process

For career-oriented individuals, who seek a mentor, it is important to understand that mentors do not have a direct influence on the recruitment process. However, you can use their practical advice or guidance to your good advantage.

If you are not sure whether or not a role is appropriate to you, a mentor can educate you about a suitable career path by bouncing the ideas around.

While you may not be the winner of the Wimbledon Open, hopefully, you will be able to land your dream job with the assistance of a mentor.

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