CV Writing: Things You Should Avoid on a Professional CV

CV Writing: Things You Should Avoid on a Professional CV

Writing a professional CV not just demands special care but also attention to every minute detail. At the end of the day, the way you present your information on it can mark the line of separation between landing you a job and killing your chances before you cross the finishing line.

A professional CV has the potential to whet an employer’s appetite to know more about you – a vital factor that can help maximise your chances of getting a job. On the contrary, dotting your bio-data with spelling mistakes and other errors can turn off even the most curious of the employers at the first sight.

Avoid these things if you wish to get more calls from a recruiter for an interview:

  1. Unprofessional Email Address: 

Do you have a habit of going by usernames like Megarulez90 or jacksmom87? If yes, then you should consider giving up this habit. Give it a thought to register an email address – one that looks and sounds professional. For best results, use your first and last name with a number.

  1. Typos: 

Regardless of how solid your resume is, misspelling certain words, such as “work” as “wrok”, can make you look lazy to a hirer. Nine out of ten times, a typo can sink your chances of getting noticed by an employer. Spend a few minutes to review your CV before handing it over to your recruiter.

  1. Weird Fonts or Structure: 

Refrain from using fonts that make it difficult to read the text on your CV. Also, it is equally necessary to avoid using an unusual structure. As far as possible, try to make it simple and easy for a recruiting manager to read your resume.

  1. Lack of Clarity: 

On average, employers hardly get time to go through an applicant’s CV in chapter and verse. Keep your description brief, and to the point. If necessary, exclude the points that are not related to the vacancy for which you are applying.

  1. Too Many Words in The Text: 

No, your employer neither expects nor wants your Curriculum Vitae to resemble the interface of a super-slick Smartphone. Instead of cluttering it with a lot of text, make it concise, clean and consistent with the job in which you are interested.

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