6 Signs of a Professional CV

6 Signs of a Professional CV

A CV or a resume is the most convenient and flexible method to make applications. Apart from conveying the personal details of a job applicant, it also tells an employer how good a candidate is for a particular job role.

It is an open secret that only a few candidates make it to the final selection while others are left out in a job interview. Surprisingly, some applicants do not even get that far due to their CV blunders.

Is writing an effective CV easy or difficult? Job applicants have the answer. A majority of them believe it is easier said than done which is actually right.

What makes it rather challenging is that a job applicant only has a few seconds in their hand to grab the attention of an employer.

Here are the 6 signs of a winning resume.

  1. Summaries and Bullet Points: 

If a resume comprises of solid blocks of texts, chances are it will only be scanned. On the other hand, if it consists of summaries and bullet points, it will easily capture the attention of a recruiting manager.

  1. Links to Additional Information: 

If possible, try including links to your online portfolio, personal website or networking page so that your employer can learn more about you. While you do so, avoid cluttering your CV with details. Include only necessary information such as your job history and other relevant information that relates to your position.

  1. Accomplishments and Powerful Descriptors: 

Out of the numerous CVs at their disposal, recruiters are required to identify the right ones within a given timeframe. At the time of scanning the CVs, they tend to focus more on the achievements of candidates rather than the description of who they are.

When a candidate states his/her accomplishments on a CV using powerful words, it tells a hiring manager how the company can benefit from his/her services upon selection. In other words, it helps the former ascertain the potential of the latter to be an asset to the organization.

  1. Education, Skills and Certification: 

If you happen to be the recipient of an award or certification in connection with your job, mentioning it on your resume can improve the chances of getting a call for a job interview.

  1. Job Description Keywords: 

Sometimes a recruiter may use applicant tracking systems or (ATS) to make the job of shortlisting the appropriate CVs a little simpler. The mechanism helps select the CVs that are suitable in terms of a job description, leaving out the ones that are irrelevant. One of its downsides is that it can accidentally weed out your resume when the standards set by it are not met. You can avoid it by utilizing the keywords given in the job description.

  1. Professional Email Address: 

Apart from a contact number, job seekers also provide an email address on their CV. However, a majority of them do not analyse if their email address is professional. While some candidates use their first or last name and numbers as their username, others use slangs or words that sound unprofessional for the purpose. If your email address belongs to the latter category, consider creating a new email account for your job-related queries or communication.

It can take some time and effort to write a professional resume. However, taking into consideration the fact that it can help you stand out in a crowd by maximising the chances of landing your dream job, it is worth it.

If you wish to build a professional resume but are not sure how to begin, attend our CV and Interview Skills Workshop in the UK. For any help or assistance, contact Kann Recruitment Solutions now!