7 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

For most job hunters, the process of landing their dream job begins with the submission of a CV. As it is an essential step in casting the first impression in a recruiter’s mind, it is imperative to execute it in an impeccable manner.

Unfortunately, a number of potentially good candidates miss out some details or make silly mistakes on their CVs which keep them from getting a call for an interview.

A list of 7 most common resume blunders are given below.

  1. Putting Personal or Irrelevant Information: Generally, hiring managers spend only 6 seconds to glance over the CVs of job applicants. This speaks volumes for how busily they screen the resume to shortlist the best CVs before scheduling an interview. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that job applicants should refrain from mentioning certain personal or irrelevant details like their religion, height, body weight and their political preferences as such details tend to draw away the attention of a recruiter from other juicy contents.
  2. Concealing Necessary Information: Highlighting the salient points of your CV is as much important as leaving out the irrelevant details to declutter it. Use bullet points and bold text to bring such points to the notice of a recruiter while they go through your resume.
  3. Making Vague Claims: A number of job hunters make vague or false claims on their CVs. From a recruiter’s standpoint, it sounds exaggerating. If you wish to list a professional achievement on your CV, be specific rather than being vague with words like ‘numerous’, ‘a few’ and ‘several’.
  4. Not Giving A Valid Reason for Mysterious Gaps: In case there are gaps in your employment, consider explaining them in brief. Without a proper explanation for a gap in your employment, a recruiter is more likely to jump to their own conclusion. In such situations, chances are, they might pass over your CV without even thinking about it for the second time.
  5. Manipulating The Truth: While you should put your best foot forward at the time of writing your CV, refrain from giving a shiny impression based on lies. Even as you make up qualifications, achievements or experiences, recruiters are experts at spotting anything that looks out of place. Such attempts will only bring your name to disrepute.
  6. Long Winded Explanations: Avoid using long, winded explanations to state your achievements on your curriculum vitae. Recruiters keep busy as they have a short time and a flurry of CVs to scan from. So, rather than providing the details of each and every course or subject you have taken, stick to the ones that are relevant to the job for which you are applying.
  7. Making Spelling and Grammatical Errors: The words you choose and the grammatical rules you use to stitch them together to describe yourself do matter. So, be careful about your choice of words and the correctness of grammar. Proofread your CV thoroughly before sending it to your recruiter.

According to most recruiters from the best recruitment solutions in the UK, even good candidates make fatal mistakes on their CVs. As a result, a majority of them face rejection straight away without even getting the chance to make a presentation of their skills and expertise.

For maximising the chances of getting a call for an interview post the submission of a CV, you should avoid the above blunders.