5 Benefits of a Video Resume

5 Benefits of a Video Resume

In today’s job hunt, video resumes are fast transforming into a trendy upkeep in the changing dynamics of the evolving technological market. These days, most recruiters from the best recruitment solutions in the UK appreciate getting video resumes of candidates than their paper CVs as the former gives a better impression of the overall achievements or accomplishments of a job hunter than the latter.

Here are the benefits of a video resume over a traditional resume.

  1. It Showcases a Job Hunter’s Personality

A video CV gives a job applicant the opportunity to put their body language, facial expressions, vibrancy and smile in a more intimate way than a paper resume. In the process, they also get a chance tell a recruiter who they are and why a recruiter should consider calling them for a face to face interview.

Unlike a CV in black and white, wherein a candidate puts across their purpose in a vague manner, the purpose of a visual CV can be vivid, descriptive and colourful. As a result, it becomes easy for a hiring manager to see how well a candidate can align with their company culture. This paves the way for making an informed hiring decision at the subsequent stages.

  1. Answers a Majority of The Questions of The Recruiting Managers

Being cookie-cutters, most paper resumes only list the experience and accomplishments of a candidate. However, they do not provide for showcasing the learned skills that a job seeker mentions in the CV.

For instance, if a candidate is applying for the position of a server, a candidate can talk about how they handled an awkward customer or are likely to handle such a customer in a more proficient way in a video CV than expressing the same on pen and paper. Thus, a recruiting manager gets to know the skills of a candidate first hand.

  1. Builds a Readymade First Impression

In line with the saying, “First impression is the last impression”, oftentimes, first impressions make a big difference to hiring success.

At the time of creating a video CV, a candidate can record and re-record a video until they are satisfied with their first impression. Also, it puts the candidate at ease by taking the pressure off their mind. With the confidence of a good first impression, a candidate is better placed to face an interview than meeting them with a paper resume.

  1. Offers more Control

A job seeker can never know how a hiring manager would read their CV. For example, if an applicant says “I am a people-person” in their resume, a recruiter can comprehend it in two different ways: while a hiring manager with a happy and outgoing personality would think of the candidate as personable and sociable, a reserved recruiting manager might feel that the candidate is overbearing.

Because the details of a video CV comes straight from the mouth of an applicant, they are better placed in determining how a recruiter would receive it than their counterparts with a traditional CV.

  1. Ensures Visibility

Unlike a CV in black and white, which is not just easy to glance over but to also throw aside, a recruiting manager needs to check out the full video resume to decide on whether to hire a candidate or not. It is virtually impossible to hurry through a video job application. As a result, there is a greater likelihood of a candidate getting both the floor and attention in a recruiter’s eye than their counterpart with the pitfalls of a traditional paper CV.

Thus, going by the above benefits of a video resume, it can be safely said that it puts the face of a candidate in front of a recruiting manager before a face-to-face meeting. This keeps them ahead of the candidates with traditional resumes as they appear more as a person than a piece of paper.